This is a story about love and scarves

It all started with a throwaway comment from a friend that day. I was complaining I couldn’t find anything to satiate my lifelong scarf obsession.

The response? “Design your own!”

That comment stuck in my head and I knew that’s what I would do. So I set out to create dog&boy.

But all journeys have ups and down, and my down came in the form of my beautiful mum being diagnosed with the insidious, indiscriminate disease called brain cancer. She passed away very soon after and I was devastated.

After her passing, I found out my mum was actually a frustrated sketch artist and a pretty good one. There was sketchbook after sketchbook of her mostly botanical drawings and muses – a reflection of her love of the simple beauty of the things she loved and in everything she saw around her each and every day.

It was that simplicity that spoke to me. How often do we think about or are flooded with images and stories about getting away from every day to some exotic destination where all things are beautiful. But what about the everyday beauty all around us?

It is this everyday beauty on which I base the designs for dog&boy.

Every day is beautiful. Every day is unique. Every day is a journey.

– Sonya x


Sonya Michele dog_and_boy