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Beautiful scarves for every woman’s journey

 The best thing that’s happened to your wardrobe since jeans…..

the perfect companion

dog&boy’s limited edition scarves are distinctive and timeless, with something simple yet luxurious and different to inspire and complement your everyday wardrobe and your lifestyle year-round.

Our designs are inspired by the simple beauty of every day. There is no ‘follow the trend’, ‘fit the mould’, or ‘du jour’ designs. We design what inspires us, what we love and what makes us feel unique and beautiful.

dog&boy’s scarves in luxurious, all natural fibres will bring something beautifully simple but unique to your every day, to your every journey. Exclusive designs that are bold, eclectic and a little bit fun…because there’s a little bit of dog&boy in all of us.

Timeless and sophisticated, the ideal companion for the stylish woman, whatever her journey.

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