I’ve always loved hearing stories of what inspires people. What motivated them to make change, advocate or create something different or new. Margot was my mum. She didn’t have a middle name, it was just a simple beautiful name and she...
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WHAT'S IN A STORY? - dog&boy
Words and pictures I’ve always loved stories.  Hearing them, telling them.  Stories give comfort, uplift the spirits, and provide a sense of calm.  A good story will make you feel and connect to others.  To take action, to hope, or...
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dog&boy THE LABEL - dog&boy
The first look at our fashion collection  dog&boy lovers, it's finally here! After what seems an eternity, we're delighted to share with you dog&boy THE LABEL.  Each piece is designed with both beauty and function in mind, featuring stunning trans-seasonal dresses...
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