3 stylish women… and why we love them

Every fashion designer dreams of seeing their creations worn by a celebrity. Brand exposure, social media coverage, scarves flying off the shelves… A celebrity endorsement is the equivalent of striking fashion gold. But dog&boy is about more than sales and Facebook followers. So, when I was asked in a recent interview which celebrities I’d most love to see wearing dog&boy, I had to think long and hard.

I chose the three women below, not just for their celebrity style, but for the fact they represent the core values of dog&boy. Our scarves are for every woman, every day – and even though these ladies are superstars, I also feel they’re just like us. Smart, driven, hard working women who love to look their best – without sacrificing comfort or being a slave to fashion trends. Here’s to you, ladies. We love your style!

Jessica Alba

Despite having designers clambering to dress her, I love how Jessica Alba chooses to keep things simple. As well as being a Hollywood A-lister, she’s also a mum and a busy entrepreneur – and her wardrobe reflects that. This woman dresses for comfort AND style.

Jessica’s off duty look is low-key, practical, and always on point. She loves pairing classic denim with simple basics, just like us, and she favours timeless prints and flattering cuts. Rather than following fashion trends, Jessica takes staple pieces and makes them her own – often by adding a designer scarf. One look at Pinterest and you’ll see she’s a fellow addict, who loves to experiment with different styling options. She’s often seen wearing an oversized cowl, a cosy wrap or a cute kerchief to create a look that works hard, without ever looking like she’s tried too hard. We can totally see her rocking a fresh dog&boy design like Beautiful Chaos or Muses

As co-founder of The Honest Company, a business that specialises in ethical and organic products, it’s no surprise Jessica is a huge fan of natural fabrics. At dog&boy, we only use the finest pure natural fabrics, like silk, cotton and wool. Another reason why we think Jess would be a dog&boy fan.

 Blake Lively 

Blake Lively is a bit of an anomaly in Hollywood in that she does all her own styling. When she’s on set, her looks are dictated by directors, producers and wardrobe departments, so she relishes the chance to dress herself. “I love design and I love fashion and it’s a way to be creative”, Blake explained in a recent interview.

 Like Jessica Alba, Blake doesn’t succumb to fast fashion or ‘what’s hot’ this season. She dresses for herself and recently confessed, “I never think about how others will respond to the way I dress… Dressing up is about reflecting how I feel”. Her look is elegant, effortless and easy to wear. She favours A-line skirts, floaty dresses, tailored suits and chic trenches. Classic pieces that never go out of style.

 Whether it’s through her wardrobe, or speaking about issues like body image, marriage and baby weight, Blake Lively keeps it real. Like us at dog&boy, she’s also a keen philanthropist. When she’s not working or chasing her kids, Blake’s busy supporting charities like Red Cross, Alzheimer’s Association and M.A.C AIDS Fund. She was recently part of a global campaign to combat child pornography, showing she doesn’t shy away from the big issues.

And, of course, she loves accessories. Whether it’s with scarfs, bags, shoes or even her nail colour, Blake knows it’s the little details that make the difference. This photo from her Instagram speaks to all of us!

Lisa Wilkinson

Closer to home, I love Lisa Wilkinson – a fixture on the Australian media landscape for more than three decades. Lisa is fond of the saying “Find a job you love and you’ll never work another day in your life”. The story of how she found her dream job as a journalist is similar to how I started dog&boy. Like me, who jumped in the deep end with no training in fashion or business, Lisa has no formal media training. At 19, she answered an ad for an admin role at Dolly magazine. Within two years, she was named Australia’s youngest editor-in-chief. Today, she’s best known for her TV work, including Today and The Project.

Lisa’s success is the product of hard work, self-belief and sheer determination. She’s had her critics over the years, but she always backs herself – even when the stakes are high. Her controversial departure from Today is a prime example. After hosting the show for more than a decade, Lisa resigned after learning she was paid less than her male co-host. Her bold move reignited a nationwide conversation about the gender pay gap, which is such an important conversation. She really took one for the team – and I respect that.

I admire Lisa’s work ethic, confidence and unwavering courage – plus the fact she stays true to her style. Clean lines, classic blazers and colour blocking have been part of her signature look for years – and she’s still wearing them better than ever. Lisa Wilkinson knows what works and she sticks to it. I love that about her. I think she’d look great in a bold dog&boy design, like Big Apple or Linquare.

Who's your celebrity style hero?

Which celebrities do you follow for style inspiration? If you could see one celebrity wearing dog&boy, who would it be and why? I’d love to know. Comment below with your favourite fashionistas.

 PS – Jessica, Blake and Lisa – if you’re reading this, don’t be shy. Join the dog&boy family and make this fashion designer’s dreams come true. ;-)

Sonya xx


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