I’ve always loved hearing stories of what inspires people. What motivated them to make change, advocate or create something different or new.
Margot was my mum. She didn’t have a middle name, it was just a simple beautiful name and she personified its meaning, ‘pearl’ - gentle, precious, nostalgic and surprising.
Many of you have read or know, that during the lead up to launching dog&boy in 2015, my mum was diagnosed and died soon after of brain cancer. But this wasn’t, isn’t, the ‘why’ for dog&boy.
Our why, our intent at dog&boy is to make our customers feel good, no matter the journey, no matter the situation. To provide comfort and lift the spirit.
My mum was that person who would spread kindness like confetti. To her family, her friends and even complete strangers.
She was a registered nurse who worked for most of her career in the emergency department of large hospitals. She saw people when they were at their worst – badly injured or sick, and in immense pain and discomfort. 
Aside from providing prescribed pain and symptomatic treatments, she offered comfort and support to help people through such a difficult moment in time; sitting beside them to chat, a cup of tea, or just holding their hand.
Her kindness came in small acts and brought a smile or a sigh of relief.
Mum’s joy was to see others happy.
We’ve used many of my mum’s personal sketches in our designs over the years, and as we approach our 5th birthday in January, we thought it fitting to create a collection to celebrate Margot, who she was, and all she held dear.
This Spring Summer you’ll see scarf designs Amity, Lucid and Solace – friendship, eloquence and comfort – our Ode to Margot.
Designs that are bright and uplifting, that will bring a smile and buoy the day.
The oblongs scarves are printed with our usual silk-cotton fabric, soft and cool on the skin, detailed with hand-made tassels in contrast colours.

We’ve also taken these prints and featured them in our fashion collection - our Margot dress, Charlie top and Lily top. Sophisticated designs that you’ll love to wear for many seasons to come.

These elegant pieces feature beautiful detailing like custom made buttons and French seams, in a premium cotton poplin perfect for the warmer months.
Our Margot designs are bright and bold, just like the gorgeous woman who inspired them. 
We started planning the range well before the challenges of 2020 came, but given what we’ve all faced this year, we feel the inspiration of friendship, eloquence and comfort are so very apt. 
Enjoy our new season collections and do let us know what you think. We love to hear from you.
Take care,
Sonya. X

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