When we started dog&boy, we didn’t just want to make ‘stuff’. We didn’t want to add to the noise that was already out there.  

We had to create with meaning, and we had to create with purpose. So naturally, the business processes at dog&boy also had to have purpose. Although I made a very conscience decision to be a part of an industry, fashion, that typically has one of the highest rates of wastage and environmental impact, I did so with the aim of structuring our processes to minimise our impact and leave the world in a better way than we found it.

It starts with a thread

There is nothing like the feeling of natural fibres against the skin which is why we use pure natural fabrics and naturally derived fabrics for our scarves and fashion. But it’s not the only reason; naturally based fabrics are bio-degradable so if your scarf or fashion piece can’t be repaired or reused and needs to be disposed of, it will biodegrade within a period of months rather than decades. Our digital print process uses reactive dyes which provide superior print quality on natural and cellulose fabrics and are eco-friendly. Digital printing is also cleaner, safer, and generally less wasteful, and less environmentally hazardous than traditional analogue screen printing methods. Producing in limited quantities each season ensures we are not left with excess inventory. We never dispose of inventory and we reuse fabrics where we can. The offcuts from our fashion are reused as the ribbons for our gift packaging, giving a splash colour to your little package of delight. We are also investigating options to up-cycle samples and unsaleable stock to create new ways to enjoy dog&boy. We personally know and visit our manufacturers, and work directly with the factory owners, and not generic trading houses. They are accredited with fair wage and quality work conditions for their staff.

Surprise and delight

dog&boy is much more than just a scarf. We create our designs to make you feel good, uplift your spirit or to remind you that ‘you’ve got this’. It goes without saying then, that receiving a dog&boy design is a moment of surprise and delight. We love wrapping each one of our designs in our signature packaging for you, but we had to think beyond just aesthetics and what impact this was having on our gorgeous planet. Our packaging, for both gift and shipping, is made using recycled materials, and are all recyclable or reusable. Our scarves are packaged in a cotton bag; perfect to reuse for your weekly market shop or to keep bits-and-pieces together when travelling. We reuse shipping boxes for our wholesalers and our postage satchels are either compostable or recyclable to soft plastics. Our logistics partners have strict Carbon Emission policies and practices and are committed to carbon neutral delivery. They continue to reduce carbon emissions from their operations and compensate for the remaining emissions by investing in carbon offset projects.

Giving back

At dog&boy, we take our social responsibility as seriously as we take our scarves, and giving back has always been a big part of our brand philosophy. Giving back does good, and it feels good – but it’s not about that. The real point is to raise awareness for organisations who rely on support from small businesses and individuals to help them solve big problems. Problems like cancer. Like the environment. Like domestic violence. Fashion may seem like a fickle way to be philanthropic, but the truth is, any involvement to support a worthy cause is good involvement. It’s better than not getting behind it at all. Whether it’s one extra dollar towards research or one more person who starts spreading the word, every contribution counts.

The sum of small actions equals big change – and dog&boy are proud to be part of that change by partnering with i=Change to support some very important work. When you purchase from dog&boy we donate to some very important causes through i=Change. You can read more about the causes we support on our i=Change profile here. We don’t claim to be perfect with everything we do, but we also don’t just want to moralise what are such serious issues that affect all of us. There is still so much we, both individually and as a business, can do better. And this is what we aim to do at dog&boy, one step at a time along this amazing journey.

Thanks for being a part of it.

Sonya. X