We get lots of messages and emails asking how we style our dog&boy designs.

So we've created a place where you can be inspired and guided on how we style our scarves. Featuring our AW2023 collection.


Style One

1. Take scarf on diagonal corner to corner. Fold in half creating a loop at one end. Drape around neck.

2. Slide one end under and through the loop

3. Slide the other end over and through the loop

4. Tighten, adjust and fluff!


Style Two

1. Fold scarf in half to make a triangle and bunch together

2. Wrap scarf twice around the neck

3. Tie ends in half-knot and tuck under


Style Three

1. Fold to make triangle

2. Fold over long edge and drape triangle down in front of the bust

3. Take ends and cross over behind neck and bring back to front

4. Tie ends under fold then tighten, adjust and fluff!