Sharing stories, celebrating wins and making magic together

At dog&boy, we’re all about connection. It starts with our scarves, which evoke connection through storytelling and design. But the desire to connect shapes everything we do – from the relationships we share with our lovely suppliers to our conversations with customers on social media. Our mission is to make women feel special every day, no matter their journey – and you can’t do that without connection.

The power of connection has propelled dog&boy forward in so many wonderful ways. As well as informing our scarf designs and helping us build a loyal fan base, it’s allowed us to create a beautiful network of likeminded business owners. From sharing stories to bouncing ideas, referring clients and collaborating, we all do this crazy thing called ‘business’ together. Because, even in the smallest business, everybody needs connection.

The beauty of a business network

Whether I want to feel comforted, uplifted, inspired or challenged, there’s a dog&boy scarf to suit my mood. There’s also someone in my business network who can lift me up, talk me down or steer me in the right direction. This is invaluable as a small business owner, especially on the tough days.

While running a dog&boy is a dream, some days it can feel like a nightmare. Things inevitably go wrong. Technical issues, logistical delays. It’s just the nature of the game. On those rare days when things get crazy, it’s great to have a connected network of business owners who understand – women who can offer support, a friendly ear or a fresh perspective.

But the thing I love most about our business network is bonding over the good times. Sharing wins, celebrating successes and being each other’s cheer squad. Positive energy is infectious – and the wider the dog&boy circle grows, the more success we seem to have. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

Success is the sum of parts

Even though dog&boy is a small business, run primarily by me and Beth, there are so many talented people who are part of our journey. I wrote previously about the creative team that bring our photoshoot images to life. From our fabulous photographer and videographer, to our stunning model and stylist, it takes a village to create a lookbook. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

We also work with wonderful people across marketing, PR, finance, tech, manufacturing and more. Plus, our incredible stockists, who help us share dog&boy with the world. Without this network of providers, dog&boy wouldn’t be possible. It’s the sum of parts that makes us successful. By connecting with each other, we connect more with our customers. And that’s what it’s all about.

Look for surprises in every story

Every dog&boy scarf tells a story, inspired by a simple moment in time. I’m always listening to people’s stories and looking for sparks of inspiration. What I’ve found, through doing this, is that stories are the key to connection.

As a regular on the tradeshow circuit, both in Australia and overseas, I’m always meeting new people from different backgrounds and businesses. When I hear their stories, I never know how or when they’ll come back around – but I find they often do.

Just recently, I was chatting separately to two amazing women at a Melbourne tradeshow. One designed gorgeous furniture and the other was an interior architect. Even though they weren’t in fashion, I loved hearing their stories. I introduced them casually and they connected instantly. They recently collaborated on a Melbourne project that stemmed from that first meeting.

While I wasn’t part of the project, it’s nice to think that played a small role in bringing two talented people together. And, next time those ladies are shopping for scarves, I bet they remember dog&boy!

New ways to connect, coming soon

If you connect with dog&boy designs, watch this space for exciting news. We’re currently working on something secret, but all will be revealed soon. All I can say is that it’s BIG – and I’m so grateful to our business network for helping us bring it to life!

Sonya xx

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