Celebrating four years of style and the upcoming launch of THE LABEL

On 27 January 2020, dog&boy is four years old. It’s hard to believe this little business, which started as an idea in the local dog park, has evolved into a global brand with a loyal following of scarf lovers. We have grown in so many ways; introduced gorgeous fabrics, extended our design process, and created what we believe is a special customer experience.

It’s been a wonderful four years, with lots of wins and plenty of lessons along the way. Now we’re taking all those lessons – plus our love of timeless style – and applying them to our new fashion line, dog&boy THE LABEL.

dog&boy THE LABEL is the next chapter in our story. Before we officially launch, I took some time to reflect on the dog&boy journey… and acknowledge some honest truths.

If I knew what I know now… 

Beth asked the other day – “If you knew what you know now, would you still start dog&boy?” I think she expected a resounding “YES”, but my honest answer was “I don’t know”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to do it. But it’s impossible to know if I would have started had I seen the road ahead. When dog&boy began, I had no idea where the journey would take me. I didn’t know if we’d be a success – or if we’d even exist four years later. And I certainly didn’t know how much blood, sweat and tears I’d shed designing scarves! No doubt, it’s been hard… and that might have scared me if I’d seen it coming… but I can’t imagine what else I'd be doing.

Despite the challenges and sleepless nights, there’s nothing else I’d rather do. Sharing stories and making women feel special is what inspired me to start dog&boy – and it’s what continues to drive me with dog&boy THE LABEL. Scarves will always be our signature offering, but our fashion collection will provide more opportunities to spread the dog&boy joy. To me, that’s the best “business birthday” present I could wish for.

Learning to trust my intuition

I’m beyond excited about THE LABEL, but I’m also a tiny bit terrified. It’s funny how, after all this time, I’m still nervous about launching something new. Thankfully now I have Beth to share the load… and to keep me sane! I also trust my gut instincts more than when we started. In fact, that has been the biggest lesson I’ve learnt from four years in business- listen to that little voice inside your head! 

Having no formal fashion or business training before starting dog&boy, I know how it feels to dive in the deep end. There were times when I felt like an imposter, sometimes I still do. Who was I to call myself a business owner or a scarf designer? I really had to back myself and believe in what I was creating. I also made a point of learning every aspect of the business, from manufacturing to marketing – even when I had professionals managing those jobs day-to-day.

Knowing the business inside-out has given me the courage to create dog&boy THE LABEL. Like with any business expansion, there’s no guarantee of success. But sometimes you just have to do it. 

More about dog&boy THE LABEL

I know we’ve been hinting at it for a little while, and it’s not long now until we launch THE LABEL. The exact details are still under wraps, but you can expect the same attention to detail and stunning original prints as always. Like our scarves, our fashion pieces are designed for trans-seasonal wear that will take you from work to dinner to weekends – and everywhere in between.

You love the feel of the pure natural fabrics of dog&boy scarves; our fashion collection is no different. The pieces are made from silk and cotton, making them easy to wear and impossible not to touch. As for the prints, we already know you love them! You can look forward to seeing some of our best selling designs reimagined with stunning detail. 

Be the first to know when THE LABEL launches

If you haven’t already, join the waitlist to find out when dog&boy THE LABEL launches. All pieces are limited-edition and available for pre-order soon. We can’t wait to reveal the designs – and to see how you wear them. Thanks for sharing the past four years of storytelling, scarves and style. I hope we continue to make you feel special for many seasons to come.

Sonya xx

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Well done you, you never know until you have a go, your scarves have been a great success, no reason to doubt Label won’t also go well. The best of luck.


Well done Dog&Boy! I truely beautiful product, that I love owning and gifting.

Jodie Gumm-Yu

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