5-minutes with......@TheBrisbaneGirl aka Marie Hillard

5-minutes with......@TheBrisbaneGirl aka Marie Hillard

Marie (@TheBrisbaneGirl) has been a long time supporter, and lover!, of dog&boy.  We have loved working with Marie and her styling - it's fresh, sophisticated and timeless with a bit of sparkle.  We took 5-mins with Marie recently to tell us why she loves dog&boy and what hot beverage gets her out of bed in the mornings.

Why did you start @TheBrisbaneGirl?

The Brisbane Girl is an Instagram fashion blog that I started over 7 years ago and it took off almost instantly when I decided to step in front of the camera and share fashion posts with outfits straight from my wardrobe. It has evolved significantly from those early beginnings of street style shoots, to working on fashion projects with some of Brisbane’s most prominent fashion designers, I’ve also worked on my own projects to feed my creative process.  What I learnt since creating ‘The Brisbane Girl’ is that fashion crosses over many genres, mostly notably entertainment, food, beauty and art. I love people and social interaction and this is at the heart of where creativity manifests, we are all creating our realities, mine is to build a platform on The Brisbane Girl to share my love of fashion.

How has your style changed along the way?

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t in love with all things fashion, from an early age I use to be the girl that got way too dressed up to go to the shops or if I did pack to go somewhere I needed three pairs of everything, just incase. My style has changed quite significantly over my blogger journey, prior to The Brisbane Girl my wardrobe had been influenced by my day time role working in an office. A very corporate style wardrobe has been extended over the years with brighter outfits, and many more gowns and designs that I have worn to events over the years. I'm much more confident with my styling and I've definitely stayed true to my love for elegant and pretty designs. I'm driven to continue my blog due to the support of my fashion family and I engage with my followers daily, some have become life long friends. It is always uplifting to find out that you have made a difference in somebody's day by posting a comment complimenting their style.

What are 3 things people don’t know about you?

  1. I equally love photography as much as I love fashion blogging. There is nothing better than being involved in the creative process, it is amazing that photography and imagery is what initially made instagram such a phenomenon and it has changed my life. 
  2. I can't live without blush, earrings and my two cats, George and Billy. 
  3. I lived in Moree for 1.5 years and continued to return regularly to Moree when I first moved to Brisbane. I spent time on a cotton farm where I met my husband and I understand the process of growing cotton and creating a bale.  Having this life changing experience I have developed an appreciation for wearing and supporting the Australian natural fibres industry and I understand the hard amount of work that leads to the end product of what we wear. 2022 also marks a milestone, 20 years living back in Brisbane. I can't believe how much this city has grown over those years, it's great to know that there are so many people that enjoy our city and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else at this stage in my life. 

Why do you love dog&boy scarves?

I fell in love wearing Dog & Boy Designs many years ago and have had the pleasure of getting to know Sonya, a beautiful soul and the owner of the brand. Her scarves are simply beautiful, I would describe them as beautiful works of art, they remind me of mother nature as the prints are organic patterns and prints, thoughtfully designed. Dog & Boy scarves are luxurious to wear, I love both the silk cotton and wool designs. The weather has dipped down in Brisbane and as I'm the owner of quite of a few of her designs from previous seasons and this season, I have them all on high rotation to wear over the coming months. If you love timeless accessories that don't date you will appreciate and love Dog & Boy designs as the label isn't driven by trends. I'm also a big fan of this design as they are fantastic for travel, the merino wool scarves are super light weight and you will not overheat as you move from the outdoors to indoors and they won't add your travel baggage allowance, also a good thing as I'm an over packer ! 

Favourite hot beverage?

I simply can't live without a good coffee, a long black is a must for me first thing in the morning to get the creative juices flowing. 

(We knew we loved @TheBrisbaneGirl for more than just her gorgeous styling! ☕️☕️☕️)

 Thank you for sharing with us. X


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Good luck!


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