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Versatile scarves for every season

If you’re a long-term dog&boy lover, you know how versatile our scarves can be. Your collection has probably seen you through countless years and many seasons. If you’re new to dog&boy, you’re about to discover the beauty of buying a single item that can be styled in a myriad of different ways. In this post, I’ll explain why dog&boy scarves are a fashion staple – and how to make your dog&boy wardrobe work harder in 2019.

Scarves you’ll love for a lifetime

l recently wrote about fast fashion and how people are practically burning cash (and doing serious damage to the environment) by buying low-cost clothing that doesn’t last. At dog&boy, we don’t believe in cramming wardrobes, wasting money or harming the planet with poor quality fashion. And we definitely don’t believe in following trends that are ‘in’ one season and ‘out’ the next.

Unlike de jour brands that churn out the prints of the month, dog&boy designs are completely unique and inspired by life’s simple beauty. Rather than following catwalk trends (or the Kardashians, for that matter!), we draw inspiration from everyday moments -  micro-second of pure bliss, a peaceful pocket of perfect silence, or a favourite faded memory. When you buy a dog&boy scarf in 2019, it will be just as stylish in 2029. More importantly, it will be just as meaningful. Every scarf has a story, which you can make your own. The story will change and evolve as you do, allowing you to find new meaning with every wear.

Trans-seasonal styling options

When most people think of scarves, they don’t typically think of summer – but dog&boy scarves aren’t your average scarves. They work hard all year round. With a range of stunning oversized designs that measure up to 200cm x 130cm, dog&boy scarves can be transformed from simple accessories to complete outfits – all with a few strategic twists.

A multipurpose dog&boy scarf can be worn as a vest, playsuit, halter top, dress, blouse or kimono – perfect for when the mercury rises. So, instead of investing in six fashion items, you only need to invest in one. Plus, if you’re planning to travel in 2019, our versatile scarves make packing a breeze. One single dog&boy piece will take you effortlessly from the beach to the bar – or from a day trip to dinner. No matter what journey you’re on, there’s a dog&boy scarf for every destination.

Love the look of headscarf or neck tie? Our pure silk scarves have those holiday vibes. Want warmth without the weight? Try a signature silk blend scarf – perfect in all types of weather. If you’re venturing to a cooler climate, our collection of stunning merino wool scarves are soft, cozy and super comfy. Almost as good as your own bed.

Maximum value, minimal harm

Someone recently commented on Facebook that dog&boy scarves seemed expensive. While it’s true we aren’t the cheapest brand (prices range from $89 AUD to $159 AUD), our scarves provide lasting value. The combination of premium quality natural fibres, original designs and endless styling options  means you get maximum wear out of every dog&boy scarf – year after year, season after season.

Then there’s the matter of sustainability. I believe, when it comes to fashion, you usually get what you pay for. And, unfortunately, when you buy cheap clothing, someone else often pays the price. At dog&boy, we do our best to source the finest pure, natural fibres and to manufacture at facilities that care about people and the planet. It’s an evolution of process, but we take our social responsibility seriously. We love giving back to the community and we genuinely care about every customer. It’s hard to put a price on that.

Plus, when you consider that many high-end brands charge $500+ for a single scarf that can only be styled in one way, it puts things into perspective. For the premium products and experience we provide – and the versatility of our scarves – I think we’re pretty tough to beat!

Dare to be different in 2019

If you haven’t experimented with styling options, or you’ve confined scarves to your winter wardrobe, I dare you to try something different this year. Turn your dog&boy scarf into a gorgeous wrap dress, or rock the headscarf you’ve always dreamed of. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram to show us your New Year dog&boy style. I’d love to see you getting creative!

Sonya xx

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