Christmas gifts with heart and soul

Following my last post about giving back, it’s almost time for another form of giving – Christmas gift giving!

With the countdown to silly season well underway, Christmas shopping is at the top of my to-do list. It’s a big task at a busy time of year, but spoiling my loved ones with special gifts is something I love to do.

I want to share what makes the perfect gift, and share some Christmas gift ideas from some of my favourite Australian brands, who I love and have worked closely with and more importantly, who all share common values with dog&boy.

I hope you love their stories as much as I do – and maybe get some inspo for your own Christmas shopping!

What makes a perfect Christmas gift?

When it comes to Christmas gifts, they say ‘it’s the thought that counts’. It’s a throwaway line, but it’s so true.

The best Christmas gifts are not necessarily the most expensive, or the flashiest, or the hardest to find. They’re the most thoughtful.

The most memorable gifts I’ve received have been those that inspire me to take a moment, be present, and appreciate the magic happening all around me – which is exactly what I aim to do with dog&boy.

Designed to capture a moment in time, every dog&boy scarf reflects feelings of hope, gratitude, and infinite possibility.  The luxuriously soft natural fabrics and timeless, limited edition prints are made to make every woman feel like a million dollars. And who wouldn’t want that this Christmas?

I may be biased :), but if you’re looking for a Christmas gift that’s beautiful, practical, and made with love, you can’t go past a dog&boy scarf.  Pair one of our new designs with one (or all!) of the special treasures below, and you’re guaranteed to make someone feel super special this Christmas.

We want to share the love with you this Christmas, so when you buy any 2 scarves (yes sale items included!), receive a free Kerchief (70cm x 70cm) valued at $65 .  Choose between  Seasons or What If designs and notate choice in the notes section of your order.  Stock is limited and all effort will be made to provide your choice.

The Grace Files – Bespoke Journals and Gift Boxes

I love what The Grace Files stands for, almost as much as I love their beautiful range of journals and gift boxes.

The Grace Files philosophy is that ‘sharing in someone else’s joy or sadness is one of the greatest honours in life’. On that note, they’ve created products that nurture, help, comfort or celebrate certain moments in time – and help special people make special memories.

From their signature journals to complete kindness kits and bespoke teddy bears, The Grace Files is my go-to for get-well gifts, motherhood gifts and, of course, Christmas gifts.

Every product in their range says, ‘I love you, and I care’. These gifts are simple, beautiful, and incredibly personal – the perfect recipe for a precious Christmas gift.

Another thing I love about The Grace Files is that, like dog&boy, they place huge value on the importance of giving back, by donating 10% of profits towards causes that touch their hearts.

Philanthropy is one of the greatest pleasures of being in business, and I love supporting brands who take their social responsibility as seriously as we do.

Visit to find out more.

 Loobylou Candles

There’s no shortage of candle makers across Australia, but no one makes candles quite like Loobylou.

Loobylou was conceived during the life-affirming cancer journey of founder Kere M Baker, who uses her love of fragrance and candle making to make the world a brighter place.

Hand poured with the highest quality natural soy wax, Loobylou candles are ‘inspired by the connection between emotion and fragrance’. With exquisite scents like bush herbs, clary sage + patchouli, or tonka bean, honey, shea + sandalwood, you can understand why I’m addicted!

But it’s not just the fragrance that made me fall in love with Loobylou. Every candle comes with a special quote, encouraging you to set an intention – and send a positive thought out into the world – as you light the wick. Loobylou makes the simple act of burning a candle feel like a sacred ritual, and I adore that.

Like dog&boy, Loobylou loves supporting social and charitable causes. They’re currently supporting the marriage equality campaign with a very cool YES fundraising candle. It’s such a unique concept for such an important cause, with $5 donated from every candle sold donated to the LGBTIQ+ community.

Have your home smelling divine this Christmas, visit and choose your favourite fragrance.

Shii Mii – Positive Affirmation Cards

There’s no such thing as too much positivity, and Shii Mii brings mindset into the mainstream.

Described as a ‘pocket-sized pep talk’, Shii Mii affirmation cards tick all the boxes for a perfect Christmas gift. They’re thoughtful, useful, and incredibly cute.

Choose from the pre-made Signature Collection with uplifting messages like ‘I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I am enough’ – or create your own set of cards with customised messages.

Shii Mii believes that ‘if we give what we seek, it will eventually come back to us’, which is why they include a bonus card with every 15-card collection. I love how they take the concept of gifting to a whole new level, with this built-in system to ‘pay it forward’.

I also appreciate the attention to detail when it comes to packaging. If you’ve read my previous post, you know I believe in creating a whole sensory experience for dog&boy customers.

Every dog&boy scarf comes wrapped in a beautiful gift box, with scented ribbon and a ‘how to wear’ brochure. Shii Mii have created a similarly special experience for their customers by packaging every set of cards in a gorgeous handmade leather envelope you can carry anywhere. In your handbag, in the car, even in your coat pocket.

These affirmation cards have been life savers for me at those times when stress or self-doubt creeps in. They’re such a gorgeous Christmas gift – and a staple on my shopping list.

Shii Mii are offering 10% off storewide with the discount code GIFTGIVING plus Free Gift Wrapping - Christmas is sorted!  To find out more, visit 

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?

I hope this post has inspired some Christmas gift ideas for the special women in your life this season. Perhaps you’ve got your own eye on something precious from dog&boy, The Grace Files, Loobylou or Shii Mii? The best way to send a hint is to share this post with the Santa in your life. Or just spoil yourself! You deserve it.

Sonya xx

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