We have a small but mighty team that help take over the world one scarf at a time...


    dog&boy's no.1 fan and scarf aficionado

    ~ the brains behind the business

    ~ always answers calls with disconnected airpods

    ~ dreams of moving to NYC

    ~ never without a coffee in hand

    ~ happiest when at home, with her husband and son

  • BETH

    Textile Designer and Pommie

    ~ first to join the dog&boy team (6 years ago!)

    ~ Photoshop expert

    ~ often leaves early for a yoga class

    ~ loves abstract art and painting in her downtime

    ~ always has a holiday planned


    Studio Coordinator and resident Gen Z

    ~ social media guru

    ~ can gift-wrap a scarf with her eyes closed

    ~ loves a mid-morning snack break

    ~ currently studying a double degree in Business & Design

    ~ fluent in Macedonian

  • BARRY | the dog

    Family pet and Studio mascot

    ~ part 1 of our namesake

    ~ guard dog extraordinaire

    ~ often sleeps on the job

  • NICK | the boy

    Sonya's son and raison d'être

    ~ part 2 of our namesake

    ~ in charge of making coffees on photoshoot days

    ~ loves rowing, dislikes the 5am mornings