How to restore magic and meaning to Christmas gifting

One thing I love almost as much as scarves is shopping for gifts. Christmas, birthdays, big life milestones – I welcome any chance to spoil the special people in my life. Sadly, I think gift giving has become a bit of a lost art. People are shopping on autopilot – buying gifts that are easy and convenient, but not truly meaningful to the recipient. With a little bit of extra time, you can find the perfect gift for that special someone that surprise and delight long after Santa leaves.

It’s the thought that counts

The thought behind a gift is often more meaningful than the gift itself. If you’re picking up gifts with your weekly groceries, you may as well throw away your money. Gifts of convenience, purchased on a whim, aren’t usually personal to the recipient. The gift suits you, not them. That’s not what gifting is about.

That’s not to say a gift of convenience won’t be well received. Everyone enjoys a bunch of flowers or a box of Roses chocolates, but they’re not the sort of gifts that make someone feel truly special. I know the best gifts I’ve received have been the most thoughtful. Handmade treasures and unique experiences, chosen just for me.

When shopping for your loved ones this Christmas, slow down and enjoy the experience. Take the time to choose gifts that suit their unique interests. That could be a rare novel for your book-loving friend. A piece of handmade art for your partner. Or a shared experience for someone in your life who appreciates your company above all else. No matter what gifts you choose, I guarantee Christmas shopping will be much more enjoyable when it’s done with love and care.

Choose a gift that keeps on giving

Make the Christmas gift you're giving memorable. You can do that without grand gestures or spending a lot of money. It’s more about sentimental value and creating an emotional connection.

Think about the most common gifts you receive. Generic gift cards. Movie vouchers. While these gifts are valuable in their own way, do you ever remember who bought them for you? Or the occasion behind them? Now think about gifts with sentimental value. The earrings you got for your graduation. The quirky coffee mug with the quote that’s SO you. The surprise anniversary dinner at your favourite restaurant. These are the type of gifts we remember. And these gifts are becoming rare.

Alongside convenience, I think fear is the reason why gifts are becoming more generic. We’re afraid to ‘buy outside the box’, in case we get it wrong. But if no-one is going to remember that gift card or those Gold Class tickets, what have you got to lose? By getting creative, you’re much more likely to give a gift that’s memorable. And nothing’s more meaningful than that.

Christmas gifting with dog&boy

I’m not here to entice you to shop for gift ideas this Christmas season (dog&boy lovers need no persuasion!) – but I’d be mad not to mention that dog&boy scarves really are the perfect gift for someone special.

Not just because of the original designs or the beautiful fabrics like merino wool and silk. What makes dog&boy scarves so special are the stories we tell through design. Each design tells a story of love, life and a little bit of magic, based on simple moments of beauty every day.

Then there’s our luxe packaging, which will make your loved one feel amazing from the minute they open the box. Inside, their scarf will be hand-wrapped in dog&boy tissue paper and finished with a beautiful ribbon. There’s a wear&care brochure showing all the styling options – and, of course, a quote card that tells the story behind the scarf. Many people say the experience of receiving a dog&boy scarf is just as special as the scarf itself. It’s hard to argue with that!

If you’re unsure about which scarf to choose, read the quote that accompanies each design (you can see these online) and think about what rings true for your recipient. For example, our new season design Contrast is about being brave and adventurous. Joy is about going the extra mile and giving without expectation. If you’re still stuck, get in touch. We love talking scarves – and we’d love to help you choose the perfect design for someone special this Christmas.

Other gorgeous gift ideas

If you’re looking for more Christmas gift inspiration, check out my previous post with gift ideas from some of my favourite Aussie brands. You can also grab a dog&boy gift card, which we’ve launched just in time for Christmas. Beats a prepaid VISA gift card or a token box of Roses!

Sonya xx

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