The planning, the process, and the dog&boy dream team

Like most fashion brands, dog&boy relies on great photography. Whether it’s through social media, via our website, or in our seasonal look books, photos help us showcase our scarves in the best possible light. While our photos always look effortless, the process of getting them is far from it. There’s location scouting, styling and shot selections to consider – plus the epic task of coordinating schedules. Planning typically starts 6 months out. Then, when the big day arrives, we’re up before the birds. It’s exciting, exhausting and not as glamorous as it looks – but the results are always worth it.

We always plan to be on-brand

dog&boy photoshoots happen twice a year, to coincide with the launch of our 2 collections – Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. For every scarf, there are at least 12 types of images we need to capture, plus countless variations within those looks. There’s a lot of pressure to get things right, which is why planning is so important.

While every collection (and scarf) is different, we always bring things back to our brand. dog&boy is all about capturing simple moments and appreciating the beauty of every day. This philosophy is what inspires our shoots – and keeps us on track during planning.

When it comes to locations, we take advantage of the gorgeous settings near our South Melbourne studio. We keep our styling clean and uncomplicated, to let our scarves do the talking. Most of all, we consider how our beautiful customers wear dog&boy – on the way to work, at brunch with friends, to the movies with the kids, or on a well-deserved date night. dog&boy lovers aren’t strutting catwalks or sipping cocktails on tropical islands. They’re everyday women doing everyday things – and that’s what inspires our photos.

The dog&boy dream team

A successful photoshoot requires more than a plan – it requires the right people. At dog&boy, we’re lucky to have a talented team, who we’ve worked with for several seasons. The stunning images you see online wouldn’t be possible without the creative genius of photographer @katie.fergus, videographer @on_jacksonstreet and stylist @ivorymoth, whose collective talents give life to our scarves and help create an emotional connection.

Then there’s our model @tarahanaphy, who manages to look impossibly gorgeous – even when braving the freezing Melbourne weather in strappy sandals and summer dresses. We rug her up between takes and keep her as comfy as humanly possible, but I still think being a model is the toughest job on set. Think of how hard it is to take one decent selfie. Now imagine doing that for 9 hours straight, with an entire crew watching! Tara does it all with a smile. That’s why we love her.

Last but never least, is my beautiful textile designer, Beth. As well as being my second set of eyes, Beth is also my second brain. Beth understands the dog&boy values of mindful design, sustainable fashion and making the most of a curated wardrobe. With that in mind, she’s always asking, ‘How else can we wear that scarf?’ She sees the big picture and notices the small details, all at the same time.

dog&boy photoshoot essentials

Photoshoot day is always hectic, and there are a few things we can’t live without. Strong coffee, plenty of water, and lollies for sustenance all make the list. On a practical level, we need a clothes steamer, a collection of umbrellas, and a huge range of styling options. Plus, no photoshoot would be complete without a hearty catered lunch (we like to spoil the team!) However, if I had to choose one thing that’s most important for a successful photoshoot, it would be the ability to adapt and overcome.

Just like in life, photoshoots don’t always go according to plan. From technical issues to wild weather, we’ve seen it all. Fortunately, thanks to a fabulous team and the ability to look on the bright side (even when it’s windy and raining) we always come out with wonderful shots. It’s all smoke and mirrors, but it shows that dog&boy scarves look good in any weather! 

Thank you for liking, sharing and shopping

Whether it’s helping you select a new scarf online, choosing the perfect gift for a loved one, or simply brightening your Facebook feed, I hope our photography inspires and delights. Images from our Spring/Summer collection will be launching soon. I can’t wait to share them with you!

Sonya xx

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I love the vibrancy of the new spring collection!! Well done to all!

Lauren Melton

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