Fashion vs Style: Why style always wins

How to create a personal style that’s comfortable, practical and timeless

The terms ‘fashion’ and ‘style’ are often used interchangeably, but they have distinctively different meanings. What's the difference between fashion and style, and why does style always win? I also feel it's crucial to create a personal style that’s comfortable, practical and timeless, so you can look and feel chic through every step of your day – from school drop offs to Friday night drinks.

The difference between fashion and style

Yves Saint Laurent famously said, “Fashion fades, but style is eternal.” While fashion refers to fast moving trends and what’s being offered in stores, style is more permanent and personal. It’s about how you put fashion items together to create and reflect a sense of self. I like to think of it as what’s ‘out there’ (fashion items in stores) vs ‘what’s in here’ (personal identity).
When you look at fashion and style this way, you can see why style always wins. Style is a way to project your unique personality out into the world. Why limit yourself to fast fashion trends that come and go with the seasons? Why wear the same as everyone else, just because that’s what’s in stores? Every one of us is wonderfully different – in shape, size and spirit – so it doesn’t make sense to dress the same.
At dog&boy, we believe that style is the ultimate form of self-expression. Iconic model Lauren Hutton summed it up when she said, "Fashion is what you're offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose."

Comfort equals confidence

Your personal style can be anything from smart casual to all-out glamour. The common denominator when it comes to style is that it should be comfortable – whatever that means to you. For me, comfort means a great pair of jeans, a slightly oversized shirt, a classic pair of slide or mules – and, of course a dog&boy scarf. This has been my signature look since I stepped away from the corporate world, and it works for me every season. I might add some layers in winter, or switch from silk scarves to merino wool, but I stick closely to this combo because it feels like ME. Sure, I could pull off a power suit, but I just wouldn’t feel as comfortable. Comfort equals confidence, and there’s nothing more stylish than that.
That’s why I love the classic style of celebrities like Jessica Alba, Lisa Wilkinson and Blake Lively. They always look so effortlessly chic and a lot of that comes down to comfort. Just like dog&boy customers, these women are out and about – chasing kids, running businesses, making their mark on the world. While they turn up the glamour for special events, their everyday style is simple and practical – and many outfits include a scarf!


Change your clothes, change your mood

If you’ve ever snuck out to the shops in your trackies, you know how clothes can impact your mood. When I’ve committed a fashion crime like this (granted, it has been awhile!), I’ve spent the whole time worrying about how I look and who might see me. Trackies are supposed to be comfortable, but that theory only works if your style is sporty. If not, trackies can make you feel more uncomfortable than if you’d left the house naked. Not that I would know, of course!

Designer Marc Jacobs once said that "Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them" and I believe this is true. Fashion isn’t just a utility, it’s an emotion. The clothes we choose can make us feel unstoppable – even if those clothes are simple. Classic jeans and a t-shirt can be spiced up by adding a scarf and a gorgeous pair of boots. A plain maxi dress can come alive with a statement necklace and crossbody bag.

As long as you stay true to you, there’s no such thing as bad style. If in doubt, add a scarf! Our new collection has just landed for Spring/Summer, so there’s lots of gorgeous designs to choose from.

What’s your signature style?

Do you have a signature style or are you still figuring it out? I’d love to know what you’re wearing on your journey through every day. If dog&boy scarves are part of your look, let me know which designs are your favourites. I’d love to hear your feedback on our new Spring/Summer collection.

Sonya xx

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