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dog&boy THE LABEL

The first look at our fashion collection 

dog&boy lovers, it's finally here!

After what seems an eternity, we're delighted to share with you dog&boy THE LABEL

Each piece is designed with both beauty and function in mind, featuring stunning trans-seasonal dresses and tops, all reimagined from your favourite dog&boy prints, like Smoke & Mirrors, Motion and Divergence.

dog&boy THE LABEL has been in the works for a long time now, so we're thrilled to finally show you what we've been creating behind the scenes.

Making women feel beautiful

Our purpose at dog&boy has always been to make women feel beautiful. Whether you’re dressing up for drinks, working at the office, or winding down for a family weekend, we believe you should feel special.

We know you adore our prints and stories… but we also know that scarves aren’t an everyday item for some people. dog&boy customers around the world live in different climates, have different styles and want different things when it comes to fashion. I know I’m the ultimate ‘scarf lady’, but we get that it’s sometimes easier to style a gorgeous top or dress.

By translating our most popular scarf designs into wearable fashion pieces, we can make more women feel beautiful every day, sharing the dog&boy style with those who love our original prints but might not be obsessed with scarves (we’ll win them over eventually! ;-)

A tale of trial and error

dog&boy THE LABEL is brand new, but it’s been some time in the making. We always knew dog&boy would grow to be your go-to for original print designs; but we had to make sure the timing was right. So when Beth, our amaze-balls designer, joined us nearly two years ago, I knew the idea for a fashion line could grow. 

When two creative minds come together, exciting worlds collide. It was just as much a process of experimentation as it was a learning process - design silhouette; print scale; fabrication. The challenge was always taking the vision from my mind, into reality.   

Our first set of samples just weren't right. The shapes didn't work, the fabrics didn’t fall properly, and the prints didn't tell a story. They didn't make me feel beautiful, so I knew we had to go back to the start. We’re all about being perfectly imperfect, but not when it comes to quality!

After that, we had to regroup and go back to the drawing board. Together, we spent a lot of time thinking about the ‘dog&boy woman’. Who is she? What does she like? How does she want to feel? The question Beth kept asking me was… ‘Would you wear it?’ She figured if I wasn’t excited to wear a piece, it wasn’t true to the dog&boy style. 

Once we regrouped our ideas for THE LABEL, we engaged a pattern maker/magician in Melbourne. While dog&boy creates fashion, we aren’t a fashion brand. We’re a brand who tell stories through design – so it was important to find the right person who could bring our ideas to life. 

The second set of samples were near perfect. There were small adjustments and tweaks, but we knew we’d nailed it when those gorgeous garments arrived. Turns out we found the winning formula by bringing things back to dog&boy basics – beautiful shapes, premium fabrics and timeless prints that tell stories.











 The difference is in the details

We’re so in love with our first designs for dog&boy THE LABEL. Like our scarves, the prints tell stories, but it’s the small details that add nuance and luxury to every piece.

Thoughtful touches like French seaming and double-stitched back-binding showcase quality. Lovely touches like metal buttons complement the feel and style of the dresses. The cuff of the AMABEL tiered shirt dress is one of my favourite features. I love how you can wear the sleeve full-length or fold it up to show off the cuff.

Then, of course, there’s the fabrics and shapes. We’ve used premium cotton poplin and silk georgette to bring you the delightfully tactile experience you expect from dog&boy. While the silhouettes are relaxed, they’re designed to shape and flatter. Design techniques like darting and gathering ensure every piece drapes your body and moves in just the right way.

All these elements combine to make timeless, sophisticated fashion pieces that are ready to be styled in your own way. Whether that’s with a cute pair of shorts and sandals, beautiful dress pants and chic heels, or a leather jacket and biker boots – dog&boy THE LABEL is made to make you feel special, whatever that means to you. 


This really is an exciting moment for us at dog&boy, so thank you for joining us on our latest adventure. We can’t wait to see how you style dog&boy THE LABEL. Be sure to share with us!

Sonya xx

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