Behind the scenes of dog&boy’s SS2017 collection

As a designer, I’m often asked about the inspiration behind dog&boy scarves. ‘What’s in a scarf design?’ is a common question from customers, friends and fashion lovers alike – but, believe it or not, it’s a tough one to answer.

Most people think the sartorial magic of dog&boy scarves comes from a life-changing moment or a light bulb idea. Sometimes it does – but, more often than not, individual scarf designs are inspired by the smallest of details in my day.

Something as simple as the texture of a surface, or a painting I pass in a hallway, can form a vision for a scarf design. Even an abstract feeling, like deja vu, or a word on the tip of my tongue, can set the creative wheels in motion.

Here, I’ll share a bit of the inspiration behind dog&boy’s SS2017 scarf designs, plus a few sneak peeks from our recent photoshoot. I hope you love the latest collection as much as I do.

Inspiration is everywhere

Like most designers, my ‘inspiration radar’ is permanently set to high. I notice the inspiration for scarf designs everywhere. It’s almost like a superpower – but it hasn’t always been this way.

I’ve written previously about my former life in the corporate world before dog&boy was born. Back then, I remember feeling decidedly uninspired. Despite being surrounded by great people and great opportunities, I was always looking outward for inspiration – and, the harder you look, the less you find.

These days, inspiration finds me in subtle ways. I see life through a clearer lens, with beauty reflected in everyday details from the past and the present. It’s this subtlety that’s inspired the scarf designs in dog&boy’s SS2017 collection.

Scarves that tell the untold story

Our SS2017 collection is best described as a journey of self-reflection. The scarf designs are inspired by the ebbs and flows of life, of lost memories, or the desire to steal away to a different time and place.

SS2017 for dog&boy is about feeling worldly and courageous, exploring new horizons, adapting and overcoming. It’s about accepting the past and embracing the future, full of possibilities unseen and unspoken.

When you wear a dog&boy scarf, it’s like wearing a cloak of confidence. You have the courage to dive in, take a risk and just do it – whatever ‘it’ means to you. I think of our scarves like a secret style weapon.

Design-wise, dog&boy SS2017 features the fresh greens, moody blues and sweet blush tones you’d expect to see for spring/summer, but done differently. Muted palettes juxtaposed with pops of colour and abstract artwork make every scarf design ‘perfectly imperfect’ – just like the women who wear them.

Each scarf is like an intimate moment – the start of a story you create.


A scarf design for every day

One of the many reasons why I love scarves is their power to instantly transform not only your look, but how you feel on any day.

When you wear a dog&boy scarf, you do more than just elevate your outfit. Our scarves are designed to empower you – to transport you to another time and place. So, even on days when life throws you a curveball, you can find comfort, courage and your own inspiration from the simple touch of a dog&boy scarf.

It’s amazing how a little flash of colour, like the crisp citrus on our ‘Everyday life’ design, can instantly uplift your mood – or how the mystery of our ‘Reflection’ scarf design somehow invites magic into your day.

I’m especially excited about our new ‘Favourite Things’ scarf design, which lets you take a few of your favourite things with you on your journey, wherever the day takes you.

People always want to know what’s my favourite scarf design from the SS2017 collection, but choosing a favourite scarf design is like choosing a favourite child – there’s no way I can pick one!

You’re the star of the story

I see every dog&boy scarf design as the start of a story. You make the story your own, not only by the scarf design you choose but also how you style it.

If you’re not sure how to tie a scarf beyond the classic neck wrap, check out my post on scarf styling ideas. You’ll be surprised at the different ways you can tie a scarf to take you from day to night, season to season.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try something different. The best thing about dog&boy scarves is that they’re designed to enhance your natural style, not overpower it. You wear our scarves, they don’t wear you. There’s no way you can get it wrong!

Anna Wintour once said, ‘Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others’. I love this quote, as it really sums up the ethos behind dog&boy.

Scarves can be part of a signature style that other people recognise, but the scarf design you choose and how you wear it makes every piece special to you.

You’re the leading lady in every dog&boy story.


What’s your story?

Now you know the story behind our SS2017 collection, I’d love to hear some of your story. Which dog&boy scarf design is your favourite, and how does it make you feel? Why do you love scarves, and what’s your favourite way to wear them? Tell me everything!

Sonya X

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