Softer-than-ever merino wool scarves for AW19

The latest collection of dog&boy scarves has recently landed, and I’m breathing a big sigh of relief. Every new collection is months in the making, and the anticipation before a launch is almost heart stopping. Thinking about which designs will become best-sellers and which stories will resonate most with dog&boy fans fills me with excitement – and a healthy dose of fear.

We pour our heart and soul into every collection, and our biggest wish is that you will love our new season scarves as much as we do. A few weeks into the launch – and after exhibiting in Sydney and New York  – I can safely say the AW19 collection is a hit.

Not only are you loving the thoughtful designs that capture life’s simple moments, you're loving our fresh merino wool fabrication, which has had a makeover from last season. Softer than ever, in a luxurious twill weave, our new merino wool scarves capture richer colours and are impossible not to touch.

Everyone has their favourite designs, but there are a few standouts that have made a big impression. I thought I’d share more of their stories. You know there’s a story behind every scarf!

Ripple, Looking Back and Souvenir – designed by Sam Seary

Last year I wrote about teaming up with textile design students from The School of Fashion and Textiles at RMIT University. I mentored a group of 16 students in their 2nd year studying textile and design. I also became their client for a semester – briefing them on designing scarves for dog&boy and, ultimately, choosing a winner to showcase in the A/W19 collection.

That winner was Sam Seary, who designed three stunning pieces – Ripple, Looking Back and Souvenir. These designs represent moments in time from Sam’s childhood growing up in rural Australia. The pieces have a distinctive Aussie feel, while also being fresh and contemporary.

The response to Sam’s designs has been incredibly positive – particularly in the U.S. where they were well received at the Chicago Institute of Art, the Kimball Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, and many private galleries. I’m incredibly proud of Sam and these pieces – and I’m honoured that dog&boy could provide a platform to showcase Sam’s work on a global stage.


If there's one design that's attracted the most attention, both in Australia and overseas, it would have to be Motion. The soft, muted colours on a background of tweed give this scarf a gorgeous, wintery vibe - and the stunning hand drawings by my talented textile designer, Beth, add a fresh, feminine feel that works for all seasons. 

Motion is inspired by the fact that life itself is always in motion. The world keeps turning, no matter what we do, so we may as well move with it. Every day we have a chance to reinvent ourselves. We can choose to move forward or backward.

I love the freedom behind that idea, and I consciously choose to move forward. I’m inspired by the thought of continuously progressing and turning over a new leaf. If the response to Motion is any indication, it seems I’m not alone!


Everyone knows how good it feels to conquer your deepest fears. That sense of freedom and pure joy that comes with taking a leap of faith, regardless of the outcome. Simply doing something that scares you is so liberating. Brave captures these feelings in a striking abstract design. 

Inspired by Beth’s journey from the U.K. to Australia, Brave features the white cliffs of Dover in the base image. Beth was brave enough to leave her family in the U.K. to pursue her dreams Down Under – and I think it’s paid off. Who wouldn’t want to spend every day with me, living the dog&boy dream?!

Whether it’s daring to pursue a new adventure, stepping outside your comfort zone, or simply styling your scarf in a different way, Brave is a reminder to never let fear stand in your way. It represents living bold and free. Plus, the gorgeous blue and grey colour palette really pops on our new merino wool fabrication. 

What’s your favourite new season scarf?

I can’t play favourites when it comes to scarves – but I’d love to know yours! Which new scarves do you love most from the AW19 collection? And what do you think of our new merino wool fabrication? If you’re already enjoying the look, touch and feel of the super soft merino wool, I’d love to hear your feedback.

Sonya xx

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