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life is a journey, not a destination.

~ emerson

As with most stories about amazing journey’s that start off with “one fine spring day . . .”, the journey for dog&boy was no different.

With the backdrop of the neighbourhood dog park, a goofy and very lovable labrador called Barry, and an energetic and highly imaginative young son, what else could you expect but to be captured – and captivated – by joy, wonder and inspiration!!!

It was a throw away comment from a friend during a conversation that day – “Design your own!” my friend said when I was complaining I couldn’t find anything to satiate my lifelong scarf obsession. That throw away comment stuck in my head. That throw away comment took on a reality all of its own…..

How often do we think about or are flooded with images and stories about getting away from the every day to some exotic destination where all things are – or seem to be – beautiful. But what about the everyday beauty all around us?

During my journey to create dog&boy, I was devastatingly reminded of how fragile the beauty of every day is. My beautiful mum was diagnosed and passed away very soon after, from the insidious indiscriminate disease, brain cancer. It was only after her passing did I find that mum was actually a frustrated sketch artist, and a pretty good one. I found sketch book after sketch book of her mostly botanical drawings and muses – a reflection of her love of the simple beauty of the things she loved and in everything she saw around her each and every day.

It is this simple everyday beauty on which I develop the designs for dog&boy.

All things beautiful is the essence of dog&boy.

Every day is a journey. Every day is beautiful. Every day is unique.

dog&boy designs are inspired by the simple beauty of every day. There is no ‘follow the trend’, ‘fit the mould’ or ‘du jour’ designs at dog&boy. We design what inspires us, what we love and what makes us feel unique and beautiful.

dog&boy limited edition oversized scarves in luxurious all natural fibres, will bring something beautifully simple but unique to your every day, to your every journey.

Exclusive designs that are bold, eclectic and a little bit fun……because there’s a little bit of dog&boy in all of us.

I look forward to having you on this journey.

Sonya x

Sonya and SonSonya and son looking at each otherSonya holding sonSon standing on chair

Thanks for joining the dog&boy journey. So you’ve decided you might be interested in choosing one of our gorgeous designs to take along with you on your own journey? Excellent idea! I’d love to hear which one you choose. As a thank you for your support I’d like to offer you a $15 gift towards your first dog&boy scarf, just type in the code ‘thankyou’ to receive $15 off you order. If you’ve got any questions just hit reply to this email and I’ll be happy to answer them for you. Sonya X

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