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Make time for tea. Stop and smell the roses. Be kind to animals.

Trust. Self-awareness. Kindness. Dance in the rain. Hug your mother. Kiss your lover.

Laugh with friends. Meditate daily. Breathe.

Be present. Eat the cake. Live in the moment. Express gratitude.

Create your art. Live your truth. Honesty. Drink water. Move your body.

Authenticity. Practice yoga. Contentment. Buy the shoes.

Travel light. Marvel in your surroundings. 

Manifest a life you love. Choose your thoughts. Inhale. Exhale. Shop ethically. 

Abundance. Joy. Journal. Always act in love.

Face the sun. Worship the moon. Compliment a stranger. 

Say thank you. Believe in the universe. Trust your intuition. 

Embrace freedom. Work hard. Make connections.

Love love love always. 

The essence of intent. 

~ premium silk 30% / cotton 70%

~ 200cm x 110cm 

~ gift-boxed 

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