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When I started dog&boy I wanted to ensure that it wasn’t all just inspirational designs, photoshoots and social media feeds. I wanted to teach my young son to give back, to be grateful for such an amazing opportunity and the privilege to be a part of building a business.

As a family, we had always discussed and given regularly to various charities we felt connected to through belief, values or experiences. When I began the journey of dog&boy, little did I know one experience would inexplicably change my life, forever.

In early 2015, dog&boy was gaining momentum with the aim of a mid-year launch. I had a hundred things happening all at once and it was exciting, exhilarating even.

But this all came to a grinding halt on Easter Sunday. My parents live in Brisbane, Queensland, and mum phoned to say she’d had a fall about a week earlier and still had this feeling of weakness on one side.

My sister, who is a doctor, was extremely concerned and told her to go straight to the hospital. My sister and I flew from Melbourne to Brisbane that afternoon. That is when my world, our world, went very black.

Dog & Boy Original Sketches

Several scans and MRIs in the following days, mum was diagnosed with a super-aggressive necrotising glioblastoma multiforme or GBM. Basically, a massive brain cancer. Totally inoperable, totally untreatable.

All we could do was to spend what very short time left with mum and provide her the love, care and dignity she deserved.

Mum passed away a month to the day of her diagnosis on May 4, 2015.

This is my story, and why I am inspired to design by the simple beauty of every day.

One person is diagnosed with brain cancer every five hours in Australia.

It is not known what causes brain cancer; it appears to occur randomly, and treatment is challenging because it affects our most vital organ.

Yet brain cancer research is one of the least funded cancers for research in Australia.*

dog&boy are privileged to give a percentage of sales from every dog&boy design sold to Cure Brain Cancer Foundation,* so that someone else’s mum, grandma, wife, loved one, may continue on their journey and enjoy the beauty, and love, of everyday. X

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

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