scarf wearing ideas

Our brand ambassador, Stacey McGregor shares some of her favourite scarf styling ideas for spring. You can also find lots of other scarf wearing ideas on dog&boy’s You can also find lots of other scarf wearing ideas on dog&boy’s WEAR page and over on Pinterest. SCARF STYLING IDEAS FOR SPRING by Stace McGregor It’s no secret …  Read more…

FASHIONISTA WARNING : Don’t Fall for Fast Disposable Fashion

conscience consumerism

Conscience consumerism.  Buzz word, right?  It shouldn’t be.  Every day we are thrust messages of how important it is to be aware of our footprint in the world.  But how often have you stopped to think about what about how this applies to the clothes on your back? Through the power of social media, I  Read more…


dog&boy designer scarves

Since I started on the journey of dog&boy to create designer scarves, there have been many ‘firsts’ – working for myself; business and marketing plans; ‘real’ budgets (this in itself is a whole other story!); and of course my first blog. I am a regular follower and reader of many blogs on various subjects. Some  Read more…

Thanks for joining the dog&boy journey. So you’ve decided you might be interested in choosing one of our gorgeous designs to take along with you on your own journey? Excellent idea! I’d love to hear which one you choose. As a thank you for your support I’d like to offer you a $15 gift towards your first dog&boy scarf, just type in the code ‘thankyou’ to receive $15 off you order. If you’ve got any questions just hit reply to this email and I’ll be happy to answer them for you. Sonya X

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